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Sexual Side Effects of Propecia

Many people experience hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness at some point in life, and seek some form of treatment to help stop or reverse hair loss. Several different products are available, from "snake oils" to FDA-Approved products like Avacor Physician's Formulation®. Finasteride, which has the brand name "Propecia," is another treatment option. Avacor Physician's Formulation does not use Propecia as an ingredient for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is because Propecia usage often leads to some negative sexual side effects for men. The drug is not FDA-Approved for women to use, though women who do use it are also putting their health (and the health of future children) at risk.

Loss of Libido. Some men who have taken Propecia have reported a reduced sex drive. Propecia blocks androgen, a hormone similar to testosterone. Androgen is needed for men to have a healthy sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction. Propecia might also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Again, this is due to reduced androgen levels caused by Propecia.

Lower Sperm Count. A study by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., concluded that Propecia can result in a lower sperm count in men than before they began using the drug. This can also lead to lower ejaculate levels. The study indicated that the sperm count decreased when Propecia treatment began, then increased in the months immediately after the test subject stopped taking the drug.

Depression. Depression is typically caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. While it is not a sexual side effect, some people that have taken Propecia have reported increased symptoms or signs of depression. People who have already been diagnosed with depression should be especially careful with Propecia.

Some men who have taken Propecia also indicate that additional side effects include weight gain and muscle damage.

Side Effects for Women. Although the FDA does not allow prescribing Propecia to women to treat hair loss, some women still manage to get the drug to combat female pattern baldness or excess body and facial hair. However, the side effects can be even worse for women than men. Pregnant women should especially avoid Propecia; even touching the drug can be dangerous to the woman and child. Women who might become pregnant (i.e., most adult women) should use the same caution.

Professor Abdulmaged M. Traish from Boston University, who specializes in biochemistry and urology, indicated that almost everyone who uses Propecia to treat hair loss experiences some of these side effects, though the symptoms are more drastic for some than in others.

Perhaps the worst part about these side effects is that for some people, the side effects continue, even after Propecia treatment stops. Professor Traish called these prolonged side effects "a life sentence." With risks like these, you should consider seeking other treatment options than Propecia, such as Avacor Physician's Formulation.

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