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Propecia Side Effects May Be Permanent

It has been known for many years that taking Propecia to treat hair loss can cause a variety of sexual side effects, including loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and reduced sperm count, as well as other side effects like depression. However, a recent Good Morning America report concludes that sometimes, these side effects continue long after men stop taking Propecia. In some cases, the side effects are permanent.

The report introduces a man who began taking Propecia in his late 20s to combat his hair loss. He said he planned on taking the drug for less than a year, starting in May 2011. Just a few months later in October, he said he had lost his sex drive completely and was impotent. He had also experienced shrinking genitals and a constant mental fog, so his doctor advised him to stop taking Propecia, which he did.

However, nothing changed after he stopped taking Propecia. In fact, the side effects continued to get worse and more severe.

Recent Studies

A study by Dr. Michael Irwig and George Washington University among men under 40 who had taken Propecia for various periods of time indicates that 96% of the men interviewed had experienced continued side effects for over a year after stopping Propecia treatment. Dr. Irwig, cited in the Good Morning America story, expressed his concerns that these side effects may even be permanent for some men.

Unfortunately, the side effects are not just sexual. The man interviewed for the Good Morning America story also reported long-lasting mental and emotional side effects that caused his fiancé to end their engagement and resulted in him losing his job. He talked about how significantly his mental and emotional state has changed since taking Propecia. Before taking the drug, he was active at home, work, and at the gym, but now, after taking and then stopping Propecia treatment, he has a hard time motivating himself to do much of anything. Another man in his late 20s reported anxiety and depression after taking the drug for just four months, and the symptoms worsened after he stopped Propecia treatment. In some cases, the neurological side effects of Propecia can be more harmful than the sexual side effects.

Both men interviewed in the story have joined several others in a class action lawsuit against the drug company that originally developed Propecia.

Know the Risks

If you are taking Propecia, or are considering treatment, you should think twice about whether the risks involved are worth it. While most men do not experience long term side effects, thousands of men around the world will experience these symptoms as a result of taking the drug, so you are putting your mental and physical health at risk.

It's well known that over production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) leads to hair loss. Propecia is a DHT inhibitor and thus has proven itself to be a treatment for hair loss. However, Propecia has also shown that it may inhibit DHT so much so that it can change a man's behavior.

As an alternative to treat and reverse hair loss, consider the Avacor® All Natural Nutricap, offering a way to combat hair loss and maintain healthy hair completely naturally. This product contains only natural herbs, vitamins, and organic extracts. You can also begin treatment with Avacor Physicians Formulation®, an FDA-Approved hair loss treatment containing Minoxidil, which does not use Propecia or Finasteride (another name for Propecia) as an ingredient.

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