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Celebrity Hair Secrets

Celebrity Hair Secrets

With all the glitz and glamor, the tabloid stories, and the reality shows, it’s hard to remember that at the end of the day, famous actors and athletes are really just like you and me. Celebrities experience thinning hair, baldness, or just bad hair days. The difference is that they have a team of stylists – and a hefty budget – to help them overcome appearance issues. Below are a few celebrity hair secrets you can learn from the next time you are struggling with your own look.

Crop it. Many celebrity women opt to chop the hair and go for a chic and stylish crop. This is especially popular among women who have been around the industry for a while (see: Sigourney Weaver). Shorter, cropped hair styles let you sculpt and style your hair, which can help cover any thinning areas.

Use products. Most celebrities treat their hair to add texture or volume. There are hundreds of different hair products available to help you maintain a full, healthy head of hair, including Boost! by Avacor® Hair Thickener, Thickening Shampoo, and Volumizing Conditioner.

Curl it. Women with long hair that may be thinning can add volume through long, luscious curls, similar to Faith Hill’s latest looks. Similarly, a wavy hair style a la J-Lo can add depth and make you hair appear thicker than it actually is.

Straighten up. If you’re looking to try something new, go for a totally straight look. You can do this with long hair, or crop it and style as a straight bob look. Go with straight bangs to draw attention to your face rather than the top of your head. Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock both pull off the straight look marvelously.

Embrace the color. If you are aging and your hair is turning white or silver, embrace it. Styling your hair to reflect your age shows confidence. Check out Helen Mirren’s silver hair style for ideas.

Weaves and wigs. Have you ever seen a celebrity on a red carpet, then seen them on TV the next day with a totally different hair style? Many celebrities wear wigs or weaves. While these options do not put your natural hair into the spotlight, they are good ways to cover up any problem areas with your own hair, especially if you are in the middle of treating lost or thinning hair. You can wear wigs just like accessories; change it up for different looks with different wigs.

Wear many hats. Hats have the obvious advantage of covering up your hair if you are feeling self-conscious. However, they are also quite stylish and fashionable. Did you watch William and Kate’s wedding? Nearly every lady wore a hat. Plus, hats save time since you don’t have to style your hair when you wear one (in most cases).

Aside from these various hair styles and fashion tips, you can also improve your look by growing back any lost or thinning hair. Avacor's Physicians Formulation for Men® and Physicians Formulation for Women® are specifically designed and FDA-approved to help both men and women regrow their hair, in as little as two months in some cases. We cannot share which celebrities use our hair regrowth products, but we can tell you that our products are clinically proven to effectively grow back your hair, so you’ll be ready for that red carpet movie premier in no time!

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