FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Apply twice daily, preferably 1 ml of a dropper per application in AM and in PM.

  • Do not squeeze the dropper to apply the topical solution to the scalp. If you do squeeze the dropper, too much topical solution will unnecessarily be placed on the scalp and could cause scalp irritation or undue drying of the hair.

  • Hold the dropper in one hand, move the hair aside with the other hand and then press the tip of the dropper against the scalp and pull the dropper back. This will leave a drop of topical solution on the scalp, which you will then rub into the scalp gently 20 times in a circular motion, finger painting '2 inch' circles with every drop.

  • Place your first drop on the scalp making your first 2 inch circle. Place the next drop behind that circle and make another circle, and so on, and so forth until you complete a row of back-to-back 2 inch circles, each running straight back to the vertex of your head.

  • Every time you finish 1 row, move over 2 inches and make another row of circles. Keep doing this method until you have covered the entire top of your scalp one time.

  • Note that you have substantial material left in the dropper. At this time, please put an extra drop on areas that may need more attention, and then begin making rows of circles in between the first rows of circles that you made before. Keep making rows and placing extra drops wherever needed until you run out of topical solution in the dropper.

  • Wait for the hair to dry and do not wet your hair again for approximately one hour after application.