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The AVACOR® Medical Advisory Board has been formed to provide three very important services. First, to provide you with the highest level of consumer and patient education on hair loss. Second, to guide and to advise AVACOR® on the most appropriate ways to communicate with its consumers and the general public about its products. Third, to provide AVACOR® with scientific and clinical support in the development of new products ensuring that you have access to the most recent advances in skin and hair health.


Avacor Advisor - Dr Robert Nettles
Robert Nettles MD
Advisor, AVACOR® Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Robert Nettles is an expert in High Density Microscopic Hair Transplantation and the application of anti-aging regimens that include medical, non-surgical dermatologic and cosmeneutraceutical components. He is one of the most accomplished aesthetic dermato-trichologic physicians in the United States. Dr. Nettles was the first physician to recognize the growing importance of compound pharmaceuticals and established the American College of Compound Physicians. He is a visionary in the use of non-prescription, natural products and is dedicated to educating consumers and patients on how to assess their options when considering self-care products.